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Automotive Stamping Line Building: 3 In 1 Coil Feeder Compacted Press Machine For Auto Parts

Automotive Stamping Line Building: 3 In 1 Coil Feeder Compacted Press Machine For Auto Parts

Mar 28,2019

How to build an automotive stamping line?

For metal coil handling, we usually equip with unit decoiler straightener feeder and press as an automation feeding line. Our machines can be compacted those international brands of press machine and adopted in automotive tier 1 manufacturers.


This video is one of our automotive stamping line case in UK customers workshop.


It is our GLK4 series of 3 in 1 coil feeder equipped with 250 Tons press machine for 800mm width coil sheet with max 6mm thickness.


From this video, we could see it is automatically uncoiling, straightening and feeding system. This unit feeder machine is very easy to operate with the control panel.


For the standard composed, it has the coil car, pressing arm with power, supporting arm to protect the decoiler mandrel. And it also has inlet swing arm, outlet supporting device.


For optional device, there are automatic oiling machine, hydraulic shearing for cut to length function. Also the straightener roll adjustment can be customized as electrical control, so as the feeding height adjustment.


The punch progress is on basis of progressive die with servo feeding which can set up with 10 feeding pitch.


This video is our GLK3 series of 3 in 1 coil feeder equipped with CHINFONG press machine for auto parts stamping, which was installed in Europe in last July.


This stamping line has been customized safety guard and feeding for 600mm width metal coils with max 4.5mm thickness.


The direction rotate of decoiler is from up to down and with inlet arm to feeder the head of coil into straightener easier.


As the same as our GLK4 series, it has coil car for material loading and saving time when change the coil. Meanwhile, it has the pressing arm to tight the coil avoid loose.


The straightener and feeder are all drove by Yaskawa Servo motor with high precision feeding.


The rollers of straightener and feeder are electroplated with chrome to achieve hardness 60-62 degree. All the rollers will be doing 100% inspection of concentricity with +/-0.05mm accuracy.


In our factory, we have 5 types of 3 in 1 feeder machine working for 5 different specifications of metal coil. We will choose the most suitable type for you according to your requirement.  


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