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Stamping Line Solution

Stamping Line Solution

The solution of metal stamping line will be according to your product drawing and capacity requirement to see which machine we should use. 

Generally speaking, a standard metal stamping line will include decoiler, straightener, automatic coil feeder, press machine, injection die. 

As our experiences, for automotive stamping, we suggest to use 3 in 1 coil feeder machine which combined decoiler, straightener, coil feeder machine to compact press machine. Especially when the material is high yield strength metal coils, we have to use high strength coil servo feeder machine compact press.

While, if the product is eyelet or button, there is a high speed stamping line needed. It is composed with flat decoiler, high speed feeder machine, high speed press machine. Talking about terminal stamping line, it is as the same as eyelet stamping line.

If the product is EI piece or motor stator, we will help you to choose double head uncoiler machine, s loop straightener machine, high speed gear feeder compacted with H type high speed press machine.

About construction product line, we may use 2 in 1 decoiler straightener machine with servo feeder machine compact press. Of couse if produce purlin or metal proof, decoiler machine with forming machine and compact cutter.

For exact solution, we have to discuss about the details.

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