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Metal Sheet Coil Feeder

Metal Sheet Coil Feeder

Metal sheet coil feeder machine can be divided into 5 different types, such as air feeder, high speeder roller feeder, high speeder gear feeder, high speed gripper feeder, nc servo feeder. The feeder machine suits for different metal stamping working and can be used in many industries like automotive metal parts, clothes buttons, construction, furnishing, electronic metal parts etc. Feeder machine compacted with decoiler and straightener machine in a metal stamping production line, suits for sheet metal steel coil like aluminum, stainless steel, carbon steel, copper, brass, galvanized steel etc.
The metal feeder machine is for metal coil feeding and compact with press machine to feed the strip.
The servo feeder machine is especially used in injection die metal stamping line for different feeding pitch.
High speed roller feedern or gear feeder machine always equipped with C type high speed press or H type press machine.
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