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How To Ensure The Quality Of Cold Punching Production?

How To Ensure The Quality Of Cold Punching Production?

Update Time:2019-05-14
How To Ensure The Quality Of Cold Punching Production?
Measures to ensure the quality of cold-punching production
In cold stamping production, there are many factors that cause quality problems, such as failure of stamping equipment or improper maintenance, problems with die installation and adjustment, violation of operating procedures, poor quality of raw materials, and improper process arrangement, which may cause quality problems and even cause waste. In order to prevent the quality of stamping production, the following measures should be taken:
1) The raw materials must conform to the technical requirements stipulated by the parts. For parts with relatively high blank size and surface quality, inspection should be carried out. The substitute materials must be approved by the product department or the use department, and must not be claimed.
2) All the links specified in the technical regulations must be strictly observed. It is not allowed to arbitrarily change the sequence of operations and omit some auxiliary processes to strictly enforce the process discipline;
3) All process equipment should be guaranteed to work in a normal and normal state. In particular, the wear and installation of the die should be observed frequently. A timely repair and maintenance system should be established according to the production batch size and production experience.
4) Strict inspection system should be established in production. Generally, there are three aspects: self-inspection, mutual inspection and special inspection.
5) Adhere to the implementation of civilized production systems, such as the transfer of workpieces and blanks, should have suitable station equipment to avoid pressing against the surface of the parts, thus ensuring the surface quality of the parts and maintaining the required manufacturing precision. In addition, the interior of the mold should always be kept clean during the stamping process.

In short, quality problems often occur in stamping production, and the principle of prevention should be strictly followed. In order to ensure the quality of cold stamping production, it can be summarized as follows: the structure of the workpiece is reasonable, the material properties, size and shape are qualified; the mold design is reasonable; the manufacturing is excellent, the process design is reasonable and the parameters are suitable; the press equipment is intact and the operation is reasonable.

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