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What are characteristics of automobile body panel stamping forming?

What are characteristics of automobile body panel stamping forming?

Update Time:2019-05-14
What are characteristics of automobile body panel stamping forming?
Body panel stamping forming characteristics
1. One-time deep drawing
    The current theoretical analysis and technical level are not as analytical and computational as the cylindrical axisymmetric parts. Therefore, the design of the cover product is required to be combined with the stamping process to ensure a one-time deep drawing on the basis of small deformation and shallow drawing.
    Therefore, it is required to realize stamping of the cover with a minimum depth of drawing, a minimum of stamping steps, and a mold structure as simple as possible.
2. Incremental composite molding
    The shape of the cover is complicated, and the deformation of the blank is generally not a simple deep drawing deformation, but a composite molding in which both drawing and bulging are present.
3. Partial molding
    When a part having a partial shape (protrusion or recessed) inside the contour is press-formed, the partial forming starts to be formed when the punch is lowered to a certain depth due to the function of the blanking force, and is completely pasted at the end of the molding.
4. Deformation path change
5. Deformation trend control
    The main measures to control the deformation tendency of the stamping forming of the cover are to determine the reasonable punching direction, determine the pressing surface, and rationally design and set the drawing rib.
    The drawing direction, the process replenishment and the shape of the pressing surface are prerequisites for determining whether or not to deepen the covering member, and the rational laying of the drawing ribs for controlling the entire drawing blank is a necessary condition for ensuring the drawing of the qualified covering member.

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