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Why Does The High Speed Roller Feeder Machine Feeding Inaccurate?

Why Does The High Speed Roller Feeder Machine Feeding Inaccurate?

Update Time:2018-11-27
The reasons for the inaccurate feeding of the high-speed roller feeder are:

1. The coil thickness adjustment of roller feeder is not adjusted well, which causes the pinch rollers can not clamp material. The gap of pinch rollers should be adjusted according to the material thickness.

2. When the thickness of the material is thick, the pressure spring of the roller feeder is not pressed in time, resulting in insufficient pressure of the feeding roller and slipping, so that the feeding is not accurate.

3. The brake device of the high-speed roller feeder has oil stains, resulting in brake failure; Or the brakes are excessively rubbed and the friction is lost. Then needs to be re-polished or replaced with new brake pads.

4. There is foreign matter like iron scrap in the gear, which causes the feeding to be inaccurate.

5. The roller in the one-way clutch is worn, resulting in inaccurate feeding. It is necessary to replace the new roller. 

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